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When placing or restoring implants, general practitioners (GPs) want to give their patients the best, most predictable results possible—which is why many are turning to a digital implant workflow.


Most people who live in Santa Bárbara Honduras and the surrounding small villages simply don’t have access to the medical and dental care they need.


As a periodontist, Dr. Pamela Ray treats a lot of patients who have what she describes as ailing or failing implants. In most of these situations, the dentist who provided the treatment had good intentions, but just didn’t have the training or skill necessary to deliver a successful case.


The patient presented with pain in tooth #14.

The tooth was extracted atraumatically, and in this case, it was decided to augment the site and allow it to heal prior to implant placement. BaseBone cortical allograft was chosen due to its osteogenic properties and superior handling.


Once you’ve decided to implement implant dentistry within your general practice, you are well on your way to dramatically impacting the lives of your patients.  Now let’s do it the right way.  Attending the right courses to learn about the system and techniques you’ll be using is critical to turning this n


Earlier this month, Heartland Dental and OsteoReady teamed up to offer general dentists a hands-on training course unlike anything either company has ever put together before. 


Instead of just occasionally restoring implants and referring out all other cases, you could be reaping the many benefits placing implants, from happier patients (who refer more happy patients) to increased productivity.  At OsteoReady, we are focused solely on the needs of the General Practitioner and providin


When Dr. Anthony Feck first began placing dental implants in the late 1980s, there weren't many other general dentists offering the treatment-and there certainly weren't many product options. But even back then, Dr.

What is the good of presenting an implant treatment plan if patients don't recognize the benefits of implants? Learn to effectively educate your patients and encourage them to take ownership of their oral health.

Dentistry is in a very exciting time, perhaps more exciting than ever. The recent developments and changes regarding new solutions and new technology is amazing. Last week this was very clear during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting. Implant dentistry, in combination with digital technology, is expanding rapidly.


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